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The packages offered by Incorporate in Malta provide business owners and international investors the opportunity to benefit from an advantageous Maltese corporate tax rate from as low as 5%. Each package represents a significantly cost-reducing system that integrates essential services required to set up a new company in Malta with absolute efficiency and discretion.

Choose from a variety of company formation options that include a Gibraltar- or Maltese-registered holding company, and a Maltese trading company, giving you direct access to important tax refunds that will dramatically increase your net earnings.

Backed by the credibility and security of banks, each package also includes one-year use of Maltese registered address, local company secretarial services, company maintenance services, Malta VAT number, and bank account introductions for each company formed.

Kindly note that a minimum €200 fee applies for the onboarding and collection of KYC. This fee depends on the structure of the company.

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